Radio Rasheed

    Radio Rasheed is a DJ from Jackson Tennessee – specializing in custom R&B remixes and all other genres including house & electronic dance music. Spinning his own fusion of today’s music with the best of yesterday. He started out writing songs with his mother for local school songwriting competitions at age 13. After performing the songs on stage, he realized his musical calling. By age 16 Rasheed had become well known in his area for rapping, breakdancing, singing and as a DJ that sold his own personal mixtapes to hustle cash.


    He was once quoted as saying, “The music is my dope!” By age 19 Radio Rasheed had made a name for himself as not only a recording artist with WOLFPACK PRODUCTIONS but as a solid club mix DJ. In April of 1995, he was hired as a fill-in DJ for KIX 96fm. Two years later after becoming full time and having the #1 ratings, he became the Program Director.

    Jerald (Radio Rasheed) Skinner is still to this date he is holding it down with Thomas Media and the station he joined over 20 years ago 96Kix Today’s R&B! Radio Rasheed is also a member of Specializing in house & soul music.


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